Spring Fever…art show

Come visit this super fresh art show by some of Chicago’s finest female art creators. SiLO Art Space, 5110 West Irving Park March 29th, 2014. 6-10pm Free event. Open to the public. twitter image


FREE Graffiti Lessons

SiLO Art Space “Open Blackbook Sessions” Taking place Sundays in March, 2-6pm. Bring your books and gear and sit down for a sketch session and chance to congregate with other artists. Occasional speakers and crash-course graffiti techniques mentored by some of our core artists who will be offering full classes this summer @ SILO Art…

Free Graffiti Art Lessons

Learn graffiti art in a private studio. These lessons are free and open to the public. Bring the whole family. This is an opportunity to learn a style of art that is becoming popular. “Tsel One” will teach you the art and style of graffiti art. All supplies will be included. This will be taught…

WRS Mayan t-shirt

Sometimes the best way I create art is by practicing what I am good at, graffiti art and Mesoamerican designs, mixing and matching them. The goal for me is to capitalize on what I know and selling what is in demand.

Geography is destiny

Originally posted on liminal city:
Always just beyond all these things was the silver sea, the lace border around all land like the silence around all sounds, or the unknowns beyond all knowledge- Rebecca Solnit. The landscape of Dorset has always held a peculiar fascination for me, thoughts shaped by the tourist friendly title of…