A day at Apple Alley

I was honored to paint and hanging out in Lake Geneva, WI with other creatives putting together something special for a personal project for s private client.
Thank you to Alison Victoria and crew for hiring me :)





FREE Graffiti Lessons

SiLO Art Space “Open Blackbook Sessions” Taking place Sundays in March, 2-6pm.

Bring your books and gear and sit down for a sketch session and chance to congregate with other artists. Occasional speakers and crash-course graffiti techniques mentored by some of our core artists who will be offering full classes this summer @ SILO Art Space. 5110 West Irving Park. Chicago, IL. 60641

Sunday, March 16, 2-6pm.

Featuring: Flicks on Flash / Samurai Sunday Picture Show.

Covert operators, Ninjas, Samurais of the art world, operating under the cover of night or in the barren wastelands of the streets. A shred of legality giving some the opportunity to shine with a rare few creations achieving longevity. We celebrate the untamed creative energy of these artists.

The man with over 2,000 flix takes you on a journey through his archives of Chicago Graffiti, complete with commentary. Flash is a walking history book of the art since its inception here, and is continuously chronicling its evolution. Many never before seen photos of elaborate works shot within the few moments of most of their existence that, if not documented would only be lost in time.


Free Graffiti Art Lessons

Learn graffiti art in a private studio. These lessons are free and open to the public. Bring the whole family. This is an opportunity to learn a style of art that is becoming popular.

“Tsel One” will teach you the art and style of graffiti art. All supplies will be included. This will be taught on paper using color pencil and ink markers. NO SPRAY PAINT!!!

At SiLO Art Space. 5110 West Irving Park Road. Chicago, IL. 60641

February 23rd, 2014.
SUNDAY from 2-6pm.